About Us

J. Ryan

How did you get started?

I grew up in the hair and beauty industry. My mom has been a licensed cosmetologist for over 35 years so it was a natural progression for me to take an interest in this industry. However, growing up my career focus was basketball. Playing college and professional ball I had no plan B so when my career ended I did what most people would do and I got a job. But I always had a desire for more and once the pandemic hit I knew I had to put my future in my own hands. And from there J. Ryan Collection was born.

Why beard care products?

I realized a lot of men need to be educated on taking proper care of their beard and skin. I wanted a product that would not only maintain beards but also maintain healthy skin underneath that was specifically formulated for men.

What's the future of J. Ryan Collection?

My vision is to have a one-stop shop of essential men care and grooming products.

About J. Ryan Collection

J.R. Morris

Jonathan Ryan Morris, an entrepreneur and athlete grew up watching his mother Sybil Morris, master stylist and product developer, create some of the best hair care products. Her passion and commitment to quality hair care helped form his own curiosity and passion for men's grooming products.

Known on basketball courts around The World as J.R. Morris (Seton Hall University) took his ‘on the court’ passion and skill of commitment, drive, faith, and confidence to develop an 'off the court' product that was natural, effective, and achieved optimum beard and facial care.